Saturday, May 24, 2014

Uplay Lounge winners!!

Hey there guys! seems like I got 4th place on the contest out of 221 fanarts!!!! YAAAAY =D, that means my drawing will be displayed on the Uplay Lounge on this year's E3 =D

Soooo, if you happen to be around the E3 or going to the Uplay Lounge, go check out some nice fanarts and say hi to the Ambassadors that had the luck to win the trip this year.

Here you have the fanArt I made of The Division and...

Also, a nice pic of the judges holding the top 5 winners FanArts, from left to right:

Michel Ancel – Creative Director, Rayman Legends
Jean-Christophe Alessandri – Art Director, Rayman Legends
Christophe Villez – Animation Art Director, Rayman Legends
Paul Tumelaire – Art Director, Valiant Hearts
Hubert Chevillard – Art Director, Ubisoft Montpellier

All of them did a good job since a lot of entries where outstanding and gave'em a pretty hard time deciding wich one was the best, so, I feel very confident, since this is the first time I get so close to win such a big prize I'm in the mood for getting into more contests, and also try next year, and see if I finally get to see the E3 live, it's on my bucket list =D

You can also follow this Link to the Uplay page dedicated to the Winners and check out all the fun stuff they are giving to the artists, also, the winners of the fanvideo contest.

Thanks to the people  that voted on the contest and also to Uplay to organize this contest and bring gamers all over the world closer to the E3 experience

hope you liked this post and I'll see you in the next one guys! =D

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Uplay lounge Fan-ART contest

Recently I uploaded this Fan-ART of The Division on a Uplay contest, the prize includes going to the E3 as an Ubisoft Ambassador, since going to this huge event is one of  my biggest dreams I made this for the contest, you can find it on the contest's gallery along with more nice fanarts not only from the division, but also from every game made by Ubisoft, hope u like it and vote it, it would be a huge help to me =D


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lukas Callaghan character design

Meet Lukas, he's 15 years old, desperately want to scape the "fishbowl" his life has become, his brother doesn't share his wishes to get out there and enjoy such a wonderful gift, he just wants to do what's right, sometimes people should accept their destiny... 

...and sometimes they shouldn't...

Hope you don't get mad with such little Bio, I just don't want to spoil the ending guys! =D

See you in the next Bio!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Edward (Ed) Callaghan character design

Edward is a 30 year old guy, mature for his age and blind by the common believe, seeking the good of everyone else before his own, even though that's a good cause, will make his younger brother away from him, who will teach him, that sometimes even the big calamities bring the best opportunities to the people...

Hope you like this little sneak peek on one of the main characters of Somnus, this is a compilation of the sketches I like the most scattered all over three sketchbooks I have, been working on these guys for a while so, be gentle and expect the other two Bio's from the other two remaining characters soon!

See you next time =B

Drawing the Line

No "Drawing the line" for a while, srry
here you have little dosis, more to come

Enjoy!!! =D


Monday, February 24, 2014

The Path to Somnus

Hi There you guys!!

Been out for a while, thinking and re-thinking about posting some stuff about mi Illustration final project, but then I realized I wasn't being too fair with myself, always thinking that my work wasn't good enough, but you know what? I-Dont-Care-Anymore =D

I'm letting you know, from now on, my progress through this loooong journey, because this is the idea of making blogs and facebooks pages and whatnot Right?

I've got lots of Concept Art, Character design and animation going on right now, that I'll be posting soon enough...

So, Welcome To Somnus, Land of dreams, nightmares and memories, Join to the adventure that soon will begin!